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Cap - Cross Shield

Cap - Cross Shield

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God sent his ONLY son Jesus to die on Calvary for us.  He was nailed to a cross and hung there until he died.  The blood that he shed that day set the world free.  The cross shield is a reminder to us that he has shielded us from our sin and the sin of the world.  

Although, he suffered that day and died at the hands of traitors and mockers, He rose victorious three days later and showed the world that HE is the True and Only Savior.  The person who wears this cap can say a lot without speaking a word. 

The cross is meaningful as it is where sin and death died and Freedom and Eternal Life began.   


Adult Cap

Color: Brown/Cream

55% Cotton/45% Polyester Mesh Back

Velcro Closure

One Size Fits Most

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